Kingston Youth Group

The Kingston Youth Group (KYG) is the student ministry at Kingston Church of Christ.  We are located in Kingston, TN and surrounded by the beauty of East TN's mountains and watersheds.



The KYG is a student ministry designed to help aid students in their spiritual journey.  We try to help them maintain a proper balance between all the needs of life: Spiritual (FAITH), Social (FAMILY & FRIENDS), and Service Needs (OUTREACH).  Balance is the keyword.  Part of the difficulty of life is finding that balance.  We have various ways of attempting to meet those needs in our students lives.  Join us as we journey through life with them and help them navigate the waters of adolescence.  Join us as we strive to become better followers and disciples of Jesus.


We are about our young people!  It is because we care about them that we place only positive influences and role models before them.  Parents can feel good about that!  We love teens and have a passion for connecting them not only to each other, but to God and helping them to be what God created them to be.  The teen years are extremely important in ones life.  These years are the time when many choices, both good and bad, are made that often change ones life forever.  We want to walk alongside our teens during these years to help them make wise and meaningful decisions as the strive to live a Godly life.


The KYG's goal is to assist our families in training their young people.  We believe that the family is the number one spiritual influence and source of youth ministry in a student's life.  We want to assist families in shaping these young people into well rounded Christians and lifelong disciples of Christ.  To do this, parental involvement and positive parental example are crucial in teaching young people these things.  We hope to make an eternal impact on these teens.


Recent statistics presented by the Barna Research Group, show that nearly 3 out of every 5 young Christians (59%) disconnect either permanently or for an extended period of time from church life after age 15.  The KYG strives to help change that statistic!  For more information about these alarming statistics and studies, please view the Barna Research Group website.




We offer Bible Class on Sunday Mornings, and Wednesday Nights.  Each of our classes are designed to be relevant, practical, and meaningful for our students.  Outside of our class times, the KYG participates in Fall Retreat, Winterfest, Impact, Knoxville Workcamp, Summer Mission Trips, and a host of other service opportunities.  Many of our students will tell you that these events have become highlights of their year, something to look forward to year in and year out.



We offer all kinds of opportunities for the social needs of our students.  We offer various trips, games, scavenger hunts, rock climbing and repelling, laser tag, and much more.  The friends of our students are important to them and their life and are therefore important to the KYG.  It's great to be able to spend time with those friends in a safe, secure, and positive environment.  An environment where our students and their friends are encouraged to be themselves.





The KYG teens have many chances to give themselves to serve others in meaningful ways.  We offer a number of service opportunities for both our students and their families.  From monthly service projects like "Kingston In Action," to summer service projects like "Knoxville Workcamp."  The KYG also sponsors a child in Honduras, India, and the Philippines.  We believe that service provides growth in the life of a Christian.  That growth can influence the entire body as well as the community.



Feel free to contact us through the Office for more details and a list of Youth & Family Online Resources.